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About me

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

My approach to psychotherapy is a mix of my base education in Clinical Psychology and the knowledge and tools I am currently acquiring as an Existential Psychotherapist Trainee at The Portuguese Society of Existential Psychotherapy. To this formal education I add empathy, humor and insight, as well as my own experience as a human being.

Together we will work on a discovery process. Psychotherapy allows you to live more authentically and to be more aware of your goals. I am determined to help you on this path by providing a safe space where you can feel heard and understood.

Education and Professional Experience


  • Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology by ISPA-IU
  • Member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists
  • Candidate Member of the Portuguese Society for Existential Psychotherapy (SPPE)
  • Individual Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Adults

Professional experience
(past and present)

  • Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist – Private Practice
  • Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at the Gabinete de Apoio e Psicologia ao Aluno (GAPA) at E.P.M.
  • Psychotherapist at the Gabinete de Apoio Psicológico e Promoção de Saúde (GAPPS) at U. Lus.
  • Clinical Psychologist Trainee at the Psychiatric service of Fernando Fonseca Hospital


As a psychotherapist I am interested in what my clients choose to bring to the sessions. All experiences are unique, and I believe everybody should be treated with respect. What the therapeutic process will provide is a meeting of the person with themselves; our sessions will help you reflect on your beliefs and values, and understand how these affect your way of being, your actions and your relationships with others.

Existential Psychotherapy is suitable for people who are motivated to take an active role in their psychotherapy and want to understand themselves better. Also those who are searching for meaning in their lives and intend to live more authentically, through the self-knowledge they acquire along the process. If you want to develop new ways of dealing with the challenges that life poses, Existential Psychotherapy may be for you. It may also be helpful to those who experience difficulties in relationships and/or are experiencing psychological suffering.


Individual Psychotherapy Adults

Online and in person sessions available in the center of Lisbon.



Do you have any more questions? Do you want to schedule a first session? Contact me by email or use the form. I will reply as soon as possible.